Easy and professional mental health evaluation
supporting you towards well-being

This convenient website is for your online computer based registration and mental health inventories followed by a telephone or Facetime interview.

Rolf Gordhamer, Ph.D works with people who want bariatric surgery and bariatric surgical offices that provide this service. Practically all bariatric surgeons request a mental health evaluation.

Our mental health evaluations help the patient explore their strengths and limitations they possess related to coping with the surgery and the important post surgery period.

We help the patient understand the challenges and opportunities of bariatric weight loss. Our aim is to increase the chances of having a successful post surgery and many years of vitality.

After completing the online registration and inventories you will be contacted, within 48 hours, by a psychologist for a mental health interview. (If you have not heard back from us within 48 hours, please call us at (803) 319-5833.) These interviews take 20-40 minutes and can be scheduled anytime, day or night including weekends.

The process will be comfortable, convenient, and helpful to each bariatric patient. We our committed to supporting you to take the beginning steps to achieve long term weight loss success.