The mental health assessment is requested by bariatric physicians and insurance companies. The purpose is to insure the patient is psychologically ready to undertake bariatric surgery. Also, that the patient will adhere to post surgery guidelines and instructions during the many months of weight loss.


Personal information shared in the mental health inventories and clinical interview are protected as confidential. There are exceptions to confidentiality, and things that a psychologists are required to report to authorities.

  1. Abuse
    • of a child (under 18)
    • of an elder (65+)
    • of a disabled person
  2. Imminent harm to oneself or another person
  3. Sexual exploitation by a former therapist
  4. Court orders for records, disposition, and testimony due to related legal issues

Exceptions to confidentiality are rare but one needs to know that they do exist.

Prompt Services

Within 4 to 6 days after submitting your personal data and inventories, you will be contacted by a phone call. The psychologist will take you through a 20 to 40 minute interview exploring questions, strengths and limitations related to a successful bariatric surgery experience.


The clinical interview questions may sometimes, with some people, elicit an emotional reaction. Examining past trauma, or revisiting uncomfortable situations can be helpful. The benefit of revisiting past emotions are much better than having them silent and unexplored.

Clinical Interview

Expect the clinical interview to be by telephone, via FaceTime. One’s identity may be verified via Face Time by showing a drivers license. All inventories and information on the website need to be completed only by the patient and not with the help of friends or family members. The only exception would be the use of a translator should the patient not be proficient in English.


Pay $160 via email invoice.


There are times when the psychologist and the client may have a difference of opinion or a conflict. Usually this can be resolved by talking about the problem. If the client continues to feel mistreated or believes the psychologist is not behaving professionally, they have the right to file a complaint with the State Board of Examiners. If you want to register a complaint against a California licensed Psychologist, contact:

Board of Psychology
1625 North Market Blvd, Suite n-215, Sacramento, CA 95834
Tel: (916) 574-7720 | Toll Free (866) 503-3221


Hay momentos en que el psicólogo y el cliente pueden tener una diferencia de opinión o un conflicto. Por lo general, esto se puede resolver hablando sobre el problema. Si el cliente continúa sintiéndose maltratado o cree que el psicólogo no se está comportando profesionalmente, tiene derecho a presentar una queja ante la Junta Examinadora del Estado. Si desea registrar una queja contra un psicólogo con licencia de California, comuníquese con:

Junta de Psicología
1625 North Market Blvd, Suite n-215, Sacramento, CA 95834
Teléfono: (916) 574-7720 | Número gratuito (866) 503-3221

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